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DNC One specifications

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  •  DNC One tool is used to  transfer/drip feed a NC program (G, M codes) to CNC machines from USB flash drive (replacing PCby the parallel port (50pins) or serial port (RS-232C), it also receives programs, parameters in CNC machine and saves to USB.    
  • DNC One compatible with almost CNC machines such asFanuc, Okuma, Mitsubishi, Yasnac, Haas... 
  •  Read the USB 2.0 of all brands and different capacities
  • Read the file names is long up to 255 characters and the files can be stored in a directory and subdirectories (this feature starting Version 6.0 onwards). 
  • Select the file on the LCD screen
  • Equipped with 2 USB ports. 
  • Set the communication parameters by pressing the button on theDNC-one. 
  • The baudrate in serial mode is up to 115.200bps (4800, 9600192003840057600115200)  Change the speed of data transfer for parallel port communication
  • Return automatically to the top of the program after transferring finishes.
  • The warranty period is 2 years.

DNC One usually considered to be similar the internal memory of the CNC machine: Return automatically to the top of program after a program finishes  or RESET button pressed in the CNC machine side.

Traditional solution of DNC drip-feeding for  CNC machines is using computers have been installed a dedicated DNC software  (like CIMCO Edit, Dostek DNC, etc) to send or receive G,M-code programs.

But this solution has some drawbacks:

-      Placing a computer near CNC causes to be waste workshop area.

-      Manipulating on the computer takes a lot of time and many stages (booting the computer, launch the software, installation, selection, etc).

-      Computers sometimes fail or suffer from virus attack, which causes delay jobs, reducing productivity.

-      RS232 port of the computer sometimes damage the data transmission board of the CNC machine.

-      You have to operate on PC after every time finishing a program

With the above drawbacks of the traditional solution, we have researched the functional integration necessary to target the most compact product manipulation and optimal operation, in order to improve productivity and economic performance in process using CNC machine, so the DNC One product to Send/Receive G-code for CNC machine was born.

Product name


Made AUSYS, Vietnam


Some design characteristics
  • Demensions: 140x100x30mm
  • Weight: 320g
  • Plastic box
  • 04 magnet nuts to mounting on CNC machine
  • 01 DC power supply port
  • 02 USB socket
  • 01 RS232 port (9 pins)
  • 01 parallel port (50 pins)
  • 05 LEDs indicator: POWER, READY, DATA, REQUEST, ERROR.
  • 04 function buttons:

▲: go up

▼: go down

SET: select

RESET: restart the DNC One

  • LCD16x2 screen: display status, files list, setting parameter, alarm, ect.
Power supply Supply power for the DNC One in several ways:
  • Use 7 ÷ 40V DC Adapter power supply directly.
  • Use power supply from RS232 port.
  • Use power supply from parallel port.

Note: At the same time just choose one way to supply the power.

Some types of CNC can use DNC One
  • FANUC system 6M/T, 0(i), 10, 11, 12, 15, 16i), 18(i), 21(i)…
  • Mitsubishi
  • Yasnac
  • Mazak
  • Okuma
  • Haas
  • ...

Note: The DNC is allowed only for machines having the mainboard support.

  • Send G-code to CNC machine via RS232 protocol.
  • Receive G-code or parameter from CNC machine via RS232.
  • Send G-code to older CNC model via parallel port 50 pins.
  • Automatic cutting program.
  • DNC One is compatible all kinds of USB 2.0
  • File extention  *.NC, *.TAP and *.TXT are filtered.
  • The selected File for sending will be remembered in the next transmission (no need to select file again).
  • Display parts count.
  • Display data were transmitted by percent.

Note: You should use good quality USB.

Version information
  • Board version: 6.0
  • Firmware: Ver7.9
Duration of warranty 24 months

Download user manual here:




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