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Open and view the contents of files - DNC One V7.7

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1. Open and view the contents of files:

The programmer often note at the top of the NC files, such as the information of tools to the operators know how to conduct work. So the DNC ONE V7.7 update feature allows viewing the contents of files before transfer.

After selecting the file, DNC One will display the file\'s contents.

- Use buttons ▼ / ▲ to flip through each command.

- If the file does not have processing command number N, the DNC One will automatically add the order number L to know the location of the command are displayed.


- Press the Cycle Start on CNC machines to start transmitting programmes showing.

- To cut the program automatically, press and hold the SET button.

- To select another file to view, take the position shown on the first line, then press ▲ will escape to the file list.


2. Delay before each line (ms)

Some older CNC machines usually have latency response when receiving data via RS232, so the DNC integrated the latency settings each commands transmitted to the CNC.

The time unit is milliseconds (ms).

The default value is 0 (ms), ie the DNC One transmitted continuously without timeout.

The maximum value: 255 (ms).


 For example if you set the delay is t (ms), then after transmission is completed each command, it will wait in t (ms) and then transmit the next command.



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