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DNC One quick user guide

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1. Introduce:

  • DNC One is used to trasfer/drip feed a NC program (G, M codes) in USB flash drive to a CNC machine by the parallel port (50pins) or serial port (RS-232C).
  • DNC One is compatible all kinds of USB 2.0
  • File extention  *.NC, *.TAP and *.TXT are filtered.
  • Choose a file name from the list on LCD display easily.
  • Return automatically to the top of the program after finishing a program.
  • Parameters setting buttons.

2. Operation:

- The NC programs are copied to directory of USB (included subdirectory, file size is up to 4Gb, file name size is up to 255 characters). After USB is plugged in,  DNC One displays USB TO CNC and CNC TO USB, using ▲▼ buttons to move the cursor to desired function and then press SET button.

  • USB TO CNC: this function is used to transfer a NC program from USB to CNC machine, by using ▲▼ buttons to move the cursor to desired file, then  press SET button, READY led illuminates and READY message shown on the LCD, DNC One is ready to send the file to CNC machine now. Just press CYCLE START button on the CNC machine panel, the machine operates automatically.
  • CNC TO USB:  this function is used to punch programs or parameters in the CNC machine to USB flash drive. DNC-one will creates a file name FILE1.TXT automatically (or FILE2.TXT, FILE3.TXT...), on the machine side you do punching programs or parameters, the file is saved after the punching finishes.

- DNC One usually considered to be similar the internal memory of the CNC machine: Return automatically to the top of program after finishing a program or RESET button pressed in the CNC machine side (in parallel  mode, CNC machine always outputs the RESET signal if RESET button pressed but not in serial mode).

3. Installation:

3.1. Using parallel port:

  • Parallel protocol setting.
  • TAPE bus of the CNC machine (50pins) plugs in DNC One.
  • Do not use DC7-40V adapter, DNC One is supplied the power by the machine.

3.2. Using RS232C port:

  • Serial protocol setting.
  • Connect the serial port of  DNC-one  (9pins) to the serial port of the CNC machine (25pins).
  • Use a DC7-40V adapter or supply DC24V from the CNC machine to pin 9 of the serial port of  DNC One.
  • RS232C cable diagram:

9-pins connector      25-pins connector

shield  ---(^^^^^)--- shield

2    ---------------    2

3    ---------------    3

5    ---------------    7     (GND)

9    ---------------   25    (+24V supplied from the CNC machine)

4  ---┐

5  ---┘

6  ---┐

8  ---┤

20 --┘

Note:  - If you use DC+24V supplied from the CNC machine, the DC7-40V adapter must not be used.

                    - The machine should be turned off before connecting the cables.

4. Parameter setting:

  • When DNC-one is supplied the power and USB is disconnected to the DNC-one, press the SET button and keep it down in 3 seconds.

Note: when USB is connected, press RESET button and then press the SET button immediately and keep it down in 3 seconds, the setting screen shows.

  • Load default :

-  YES: default parameters are loaded. The default parameters are: Serial (RS232C) protocol, baudrate 9600, databits  7, paraty EVEN, stopbits 2.

-  NO: default parameters loading is skipped. At that time, you  will set all parameters in order. By using ▲▼ buttons to move the cursor to desired value and then press the SET button for setting.


- Skip request:

+ NO: DNC One waits until REQUEST signal from for sending data to the CNC machine.

+ YES: send data without waiting REQUEST signal.

- Speed: used in parallel protocol, F1 (400bytes/s) , F2 (450bytes/s), F3 (500bytes/s), F4 (550bytes/s), F5 (600bytes/s).

5. Alarm list: When an error occurs, ERROR led blinks and alarm message is displayed on the LCD:

Code Message Contents
Error 01 Lost connection Communication error of USB during data sending. USB coupling is loose.

Download user manual here:




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