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Automatic cutting program - New function of DNC One V7.0

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1. When do we need to cut CNC programs?

  • When the machine is working then broken tool;
  • When the machine is working then the power outage;
  • When processing large mechanical parts, it takes several days to complete;
  • Or any other reasons cause the processing interrupt;

Meanwhile, the operator will perform the operation using a computer to cut sections program were processed and retained the remaining sections program to continue processing, this in order to save processing time. This job need someone experienced, knowledgeable G-code and carefully, because the errors of the cut can cause problems when further processing.

2. Introduce the automatic cutting program function in the new version DNC One V7.0

DNC One V7.0 is capable of performing the cutting program automatically. This enables the operator to save a lot of time as well as the operator does not need to have experience to cut programs.

DNC One program will skip sections that the operator wishes to transmit processing the rest of the mechanical parts.

The operations to cut the program automatically:


Select the file name need to cut

Select the file name in the file list




Hold down the SET button until the screen displays "Auto cutting" then stop pressing




Settings percent want to cut

Settings percent based on the degree of completion of the mechanical parts are processed, from 0.1% to 99.9%.

Press ▲ or ▼ to increase or decrease the percentage, press the SET button to select.





Settings the format of program

Note: No need to install this from Version 7.2

If the processing program contains both G1 / G2 / G3 (which running arc), then choose:


If the processing program contains only G1 (only running points), then choose:


Press ▲ or ▼ to choose, press the SET button to select.

Note: It must be the right choice for precision cutting program. 



Wait for the cutting process is done

The display "Cutting ..." mean the cutting process is being handled. This process is faster or slower depending on the size to be cut off. Processor speed about 12Mbytes/min. At this time observe the USB LED will blinking repeatedly.


Note: When cutting capacity too small, the process is very fast, can not see this process.



Complete the cutting, ready to transmit

After processing is complete, the screen displays "Cutting OK"

At this time it is ready to transmit to the program after cut off.



 3. Some notes about this feature

  • DNC One V7.0 can cutting the program contains the following code:


Signs % to start the program (required to have signs %)


Line (block) number in program


Name of the program. Example: O001


Spindle speed. Example: S800


Feedrate. Example: F500.


M-code effective include: M00, M01, M03/M04, M05, M06, M08/M09

If there are other M-code in the program segment to cut off, after the cutting is finished they will not be effective.


Tool change command, comes with M06


G-code effective include: G00, G01, G02, G03, G17/G18/G19, G28, G40, G43, G49, G54/G55/G56/G57/G58/G59, G80, G90/G91, G92 .

If there are other G-code in the program segment to cut off, it will alert the error can not be cutting.


  • When the program contains G28, it will transmit the following code:



  • When the program contains G43 (Example: G43H1), it will transmit the following code:




  • At the beginning of the program after cutting, DNC One always run this program is structured as follows:








Start of program

Transfer the necessary code (S, M, G, T…)



Running to the point (X, Y) with speed F1000, in which (X, Y) is the point to start processing



Z axis down with speed F100, to start depth of working continue


Putting the right speed at the start working point

Continue transmit the program remains


  • Warning errors during cutting:

Error 02: “Not support Gxx”


Detected in the cutting process to cut off program segment containing G-code is not supported (eg, G81, G83 ...), it will alert the error: Can not cutting because not support this G-code.



  • For the program has many tools, cutting process will make the CNC machine runs auto tool change from the beginning tool to the current tool.
  • After the cutting is complete,CNC machine should run in Single Block and Dry Run to execute each command before, to check the percentage cutting was optimal or not.
  • The nature of this function is skip transmit the section program selected, so files stored in USB remain intact as the original.

Download user manual here:





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