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Thermal Protector TP150

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  1. Funtions:

TP150-control functions to monitor the temperature of the object shows through the 7 segment LED display. When the temperature exceeds the setting threshold, the controller automatically warnings with LED blinking and buzzer sounding, and export the output connectors for isolated incidents.

  1. Applycations:

TP150 is useful to protect the spindle motor of CNC router machine. Spindle motor operates at a very high speed, so cooling system should be included. If the cooling system trouble, the spindle motor will heat up quickly and burnt the coil, causing damage to the user CNC router machine because of this motor was quite expensive, at the same time causing disruption of operation.

When using TP150, temperature of the spindle motor will be controlled, timely protection when the cooling system is not working or when the engine has the problem of bearings,  or engine heat by aging.

  1. TP150 features:

-       Power supply: 5 VDC

-       Display: 04 LEDs 7-segment display temperature (degrees Celsius ).

-       Setting: 01 button, 01 volume to adjust the setting value.

-       Alarm: 01 LED, 01 buzzer.

-       Output: 02 couble of Normal Close/Normal Open contact (1A/24VDC, 0.5A/120VAC, 0.3A/60VDC)

-       Temperature measurement range: 0÷150 oC.

  1. Manual:

-       Wiring:

-       Attach the temperature probe to the surface of the object to track temperature (probe threaded Φ10).

-       5 VDC power supply for TP150 and connect to protection contacts.

-       Observe the temperature displayed on the LED screen.

-       Press the SET button to view the temperature protection is installed. The default value is 70 ºc (TP150 will warn when extreme temperatures 72 ºc and-stop alert message when under 68 ºc). Adjust the volume if you want to change the value of the setting.



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